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After getting considerable grief from WorkCover regarding building site safety, 2 carpenters / builders decided that working with WorkCover rather than against them was the smarter course of action. As a result, they saw an opportunity to provide safety guard rails for builders to cover truss installation, fascure and gutter installation, and roof installations. From there the business has expanded considerably into all aspects of scaffold supply to the building industry.

Key Benefits

  • People that know how a building goes up are the people that design an appropriate scaffolding system for each job
  • Builders appreciate the level of attention to detail and building knowledge that the TGR team bring
  • TGR does the thinking for the builder – the builder rings up, sends the plans across and TGR does the rest – the builder gets on with doing what they do best.
  • Do the whole gammet of scaffolding – one stop shop
  • Reliability, service, working with the builder

Services Provided

  • Quickstage – ground up scaffolding – typically for bricklaying and rendering
  • 2-4 plank walkway systems – for installation of roof trusses, fascia/gutter & roof
  • Hand rails – for full protection
  • Mobile aluminium scaffold towers – typically used by painters, framers, renderers, plumbers, electricians, plasterers, glazers
  • 3 plank pitch platform – scaffolding designed to sit on a pitched roof to provide a level/flat surface for the purpose of working on the next level e.g. for installing dutch gables and dormer windows, painting and rendering.

For personal attention from a trained, experienced scaffolding specialist,
call TGR today on 1300 882638 or fax 1300 882368.

Truss Guard Rails
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